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released February 1, 2015



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Archangel Earth, Texas

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Track Name: Legacy
Yep, I know that I will leave some kind of legacy
Just being real yeah I do this for family
And if you know me you're part of my family
But wait
If you are fake yeah you do not appeal to me
Yeah do not appeal to me still stuck in Adelaide
Gotta get outta this state gotta get on the road
Head down to Melbourne I think about that city every day
Still stuck in comfort like what am I here for i gotta get out of the city
I come from the people I grew with I'm sorry it's stupid
But I have to go now in order to do this

I have to leave you behind
I'm sorry but I have to leave you behind

Now now now don't get me wrong Im wishing I could bring you all along with me
But we grow at our own pace so differently deep down I know you'll be missing me
But I'm growing oh too quickly and I know it's all so shitty but I'll miss you
The times had with you, you know exactly who I'm talking too, my friends the ones closest to me right now
I won't forget you but I'll never back down, I gotta rap round these fake clowns spitting
Talking straight bullshit nothing in their vision rapping like that cause you know it sells
It's not my fault that you gone and fell to power higher then you sold your soul now who?
Are you yep who are you? Cause what the fuck do you stand for? It's just fucked how you can
Stand at all in front of these people and act so fake deep down you insecure
See my life goal it isn't for me it's just to inspire something greater than me
That's why I fight so hard for what we need that's what I mean I'll leave a legacy